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Artificial Intelligence Services in Bangkok

If you are looking to automate your business processes using artificial intelligence solutions then MVM Infotech will be your best solutions partner for the same. We provide end-to-end AI solutions that can drive and scale your business value and profits to the next level.

Computer Vision Services

If your business requires deriving information from images and other graphics that are available on the internet,then our computer vision AI solutions can make your entire process quick,scalable and accurate eliminating the need for extensive human labor.

Robotic Process Automation

One of the best AI based solutions for e-Commerce, online retailers and other online services where heavy visitor traffic is the way of operations. Our solutions can smartly automate human interactions with help of AI driven chatbots and agents. With utilization of predictive analytics your visitors will get all the assistance promptly and accurately.

Natural Language Processing

NLP AI Solutions are best suited to the services sector that need to understand their target audience accurately to create services for them. Sectors like BFSI, Retail, News & other content centric businesses can benefit greatly by this service. We help you to gather business worthy intelligence for your target audience.

Cognitive Customer Analytics

Take the phenomenon of customer delight to the next level. Our cognitive customer analytics gives deep insights on your customers likes and dislikes and automatically predicts what they would like to make the sales a success.

AI Solutions For Agriculture

Our AI solutions can make your agriculture business more profitable and efficient. From crop management to processing of crops, we have a smart and intelligent solution for you. Predict weather,crop patterns and even market demands from a single window. Have the right information for making the right decisions.

AI Solutions For BFSI

BFSI sector can immensely benefit from our AI solutions. From predicting the financial markets to formulating new investment products to selling them accurately. AI solutions for BFSI can take care of it all.

AI Solutions For Healthcare

Manage every facet of healthcare automatically and accurately. Our smart systems can help you predict your pharma inventory levels, bed occupancy levels and even probable seasonal diseases. We can also help you with highly precise patient management and customer care.

AI Solutions For Travel & Hospitality

From marketing to sales to customer care. Discover the next level of business efficiency using AI solutions for the travel and hospitality industry. We have AI systems that can help you serve your customers flawlessly, eliminate downtime and always have a ready solution for your customer.

AI Solutions For Automotive Industry

Our AI system helps the automotive industry reach the zenith of business excellence. From predicting the next automotive design trend, market demands, user preference to streamlining the production process, everything is possible with the power of AI. We help automotive companies stay on top of their game.

Artificial Intelligence FAQs

MVM has a mix of both, for every business segment we have a ready made AI solution ready. However, the real power of AI is in customization, we are really good at providing AI solutions that are perfectly suited to your specific requirement.

Every industry and business is different and we would need to study your requirements and business objectives to accurately put a timeline to it. Connect with us to know more about it.

It depends upon your existing IT staff. There are multiple ways we can help you handle the modules. We can train your existing staff to manage the AI modules, we can handle the modules for you or we can recommend experts that you can handle to meet your requirements. It all depends on the option your organization is comfortable with.

We use industry leading technologies to develop the perfect AI solution for you. Our IT experts are very well adept with python, deep data and big data technologies. We know which technology will work best for your business objectives. 

Presently we serve both manufacturing and services centric industries. AI is holistic in approach and can be applied to any business process for enhancing its efficiency. From aerospace to online/offline retail, we have a solution that can boost your business.

Yes, all our AI solutions come with one year inclusive maintenance. If you wish to avail of the service beyond the inclusions then we provide you with an AMC and quote for the same. Nevertheless our systems and solutions are highly evolved and require minimal maintenance. 

Putting a benchmark to an AI solution is not wise. Every industry is different and has a different set of challenges that it aspires to overcome through AI. To put a cost to the solution would require us to understand the requirements perfectly. We urge our readers to connect with us for costing modalities. 

We have a very well defined service delivery process. The entire process is mapped on project management tools and you would know the progress of your project in real time. Do connect with us to understand the process better. 

We are wholly global in terms of service reach, our existing client base is located in Asia, US, Europe and the Middle East. Our service engineers are completely capable of conducting the project from your location, however that is completely optional and generally not required.

Every industry is different with varied performance benchmarks. However in our experience we have seen a productivity and efficiency boost of about 75% by utilizing AI to manage business processes. Do connect with one of our consultants to understand what you can expect through an AI solution for your business. 

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