Blockchain Solutions

Make your business process secure and efficient

Blockchain Development Services in Bangkok

Blockchain technology is the elixir for those business concerns that need security and speed. If you run a business that needs digital fraud protection and secure transactions, then our solutions will surely help you ace your business.

Supply Chain Solutions

MVM blockchain solutions for supply chain management brings security and accuracy to your efforts. Our systems can provide you with dead accurate inventory tracking,automate payments, efficient distributed marketplace and a lot more. We can help you make your entire operations transparent and trackable.

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Finance Solutions

If you are a company dealing in cross border financial transactions then our blockchain solutions are the best way forward to make things hyper secure,fast and accurate. Our blockchain solutions accelerate payments, automate transactions,enhance trade security and make global transactions very easy.

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Insurance Industry Solutions

For companies dealing in insurance services, our Blockchain solutions can help in accurate collection and verification of client information, automate underwriting, give speed to claim settlements, automate contracts and help manage fraud. Connect with us to know more.

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Healthcare Solutions

From pharma companies to hospitals, all can benefit from blockchain technology. Blockchain can help manage pharmas supply chain, collect and keep medical records securely, automate verification of health claims and much more.

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Oil & Gas

Blockchain solutions for the oil and gas industry can ramp up efficiency and profits. Our solutions can help you achieve hyper efficient supply chain management, real time fleet tracking, P2P interactions for eliminating brokers, reduce costs and boost profits.

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Blockchain FAQs

Apart from the ones mentioned above, we have capabilities to provide a Blockchain solution to any business operational process that needs to be secure as well as accurate. Do connect with us with your unique objectives, our experts will provide you with a workable Blockchain solution.

Blockchain systems and solutions deployment depends upon the diversity of operations that you have. The more modules it needs the more time it would take to deploy the solutions. To be honest it could take anywhere from a month to a year, it all depends upon the complexity of the project.

The cost implications are subjective to how demanding your project is. There are two ways we can charge you for services – hourly basis and on project basis. To know about it further please connect with us directly, our sales expert will provide you answers to every query you have.

They are best in terms of security and accuracy. The system is also very fast, Blockchain technology works on the principle of distributed ledgers where the information is stored at various locations and then verified, hence the chances of data breach are nil. Do connect with us to know more about how this technology works.

Not exactly, maintenance costs are minimal, however it depends upon the resources that the system utilises. We provide affordable Blockchain maintenance services. Do connect with us to know more.

Yes we provide onsite development for Blockchain if needed. We can come to your doorstep anywhere in the world and get things done, however that would increase the overall costs of the project. Do connect with us to know more about it.

Every Blockchain project that we execute comes with 6 months free 24/7 after sales customer support. Our engineers will be there to take care of every query or issue that you might face and provide prompt solutions for it. After 6 months we can workout a AMC for your project.

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