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Top 5 Framework's for Mobile App Development in Bangkok, Thailand

Posted on: 02 Jul, 2024

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Top 5 Framework's for Mobile App Development in Bangkok, Thailand

Posted on: 02 Jul, 2024 Visits:

Mobile applications have become an indispensable part of our lives. From shopping, learning, travel booking, and socializing to watching our favorite TV shows and the latest movies, we use mobile applications for almost everything now. As millions of mobile applications are already present on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, it has become really difficult for the new applications to grab the attention of the users.

What is a Mobile App Development Framework?

A mobile application development framework is a library intended to help developers with creating mobile applications. Most importantly, it gives a basic structure that supports mobile application development and reduces the development time while keeping the development low. A lot of app developers rely on frameworks to enhance the efficiency of the development task. The use of a framework eliminates the dreary process of developing a mobile application from scratch.

A mobile application development company has to offer a range of attractive features and factors to make an application successful in the application store. Choosing the right framework to develop your app is one of the most important factors to consider to make your app successful. To help you choose the best technology to develop your app, we are going to discuss in detail the top 5 frameworks to develop a mobile application in 2021.

1. React Native

React Native is one of the most popular and trusted cross-platform frameworks. Developed by Facebook to overcome hurdles developers come across within the MVC architecture. It is an open-source JavaScript framework owned by the internet community and it allows developers to change and update source codes whenever required. Further, the same source codes can be used to develop iOS as well as Android applications. These remarkable features allow the complete development process faster.

Benefits of Using React Native for Mobile Application Development:

• Modular architecture

• Code effective

• Code reusability

• Optimal performance

• Large community

• Hot reloading support

• Third-party plugin support

• Integrated with NPM (Node Packet Manager)

2. Flutter

Launched and used by Google, Flutter is one of the most remarkable mobile application development frameworks. It is a free and open-source framework, which allows the development of apps for different platforms with a single codebase. This framework is extremely powerful, reliable, and advanced. Flutter is a comprehensive UI software development kit that uses its programming language called DART, which is a combination of Java and Kotlin. Developers love this framework because it offers several attractive features like component implementation without OEM widgets, a hot reload feature, and web views such as buttons, dialogue boxes, switches, loading spinners, tab bars, and sliders. It allows developers to make changes in the mobile application and see the results immediately. It allows us to fix bugs and add new features.

Benefits of Using Flutter for Mobile Application Development:

• Speedy App Development with Hot Reloading

• Multiple IDE Support

• Built-in Material Design

• Strong Widget Support

• Rich Motion APIs

3. Xamarin

Launched by Microsoft and supported by the C# programming language, Xamarin is an excellent hybrid app framework. It is an open-source and cross-platform framework, which helps developers in developing modern and high-performing applications for Android, iOS, and Windows. It has a common code base for iOS, Windows, Android, tvOS, and macOS that saves time and avoids complexity.

Benefits of Using Xamarin for Mobile Application Development:

• Seamless UI Development

• Multi library Support

• Code reusability

• Excellent integration with external hardware

• Robust backend infrastructure

4. Ionic

Ionic is one of the best open-source mobile development frameworks that allow developers to build innovative and feature-rich applications using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Ionic offers mobile-optimized elements and native APIs using Ionic Native and Cordova. It is written in TypeScript language and has excellent in-built elements to make use of. This framework allows the development of hybrid apps, progressive web apps (PWAs), and cross-platform apps. If you have limited time and budget, this framework is the best for you.

Benefits of Using Ionic for Mobile Application Development:

• Intuitive UI that is easy to customize

• Cordova Plugins

• Big and helpful community of 5 million developers

• Powerful & stable development platform

• Wide Integration and Plugins

5. PhoneGap

PhoneGap is a widely accepted cross-platform mobile app development framework. This open-source framework uses a single code to develop functional and lightweight mobile apps. PhoneGap as the name suggests, strives to bridge the gap between native and hybrid applications, developing a cross-platform framework without unexpected complexities. This framework allows cross-platform application development using languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The most remarkable feature of PhoneGap is that reduces the use of languages like Swift for iOS and Java for Android.

Benefits of Using PhoneGap for Mobile Application Development:

• Developer-friendly

• Good for light-weight applications

• Plugin-friendly

• Flexible for building custom applications

• Strong Backend

The Takeaway

These are only a few mobile app development frameworks to use in 2021. However, there are several other frameworks like Corona SDK, JQuery Mobile and Mobile Angular UI, which offer robust features to develop mobile applications. You need to find out what features you want in your mobile application and discuss it with your mobile app development company to choose the best framework that caters to your requirements.

We provide full-cycle mobile app design and development services in Bangkok, Thailand. This includes expert business analysis, design, and development of your mobile application from idea to launch, integrating the new product into your infrastructure, and providing further optimization and scale-up on demand.

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