The Purpose Of Responsive Design Is To Have One Site For All Devices

Mobile Web Development

Developing web properties for Mobile devices is a very complicated process. It is also very different from the regular web development projects. MVM Infotech has the experience and the expertise that is required to produce perfect and stunning mobile web solutions. Connect with us to know more.

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Responsive Websites

Responsive web design is the practice of building a website suitable to work on every device and every screen size, no matter how large or small, mobile, or desktop. In the case of mobile web development, getting things right is a matter of skills. Team MVM can provide you with the best mobile responsive websites that would function and look good on every device.

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Mobile Development Tools

Workflow and tooling are incredibly essential for building great web apps, and this carries over to mobile web development. Our team is very dexterous with the latest mobile development tools. If you are looking for a mobile development solution in Bangkok, Then we can prove to be an asset for you.

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Mobile UX

Designing for the mobile web is all about a smooth user experience, and we’ll introduce many ideas to achieve this. We have an in-house team for mobile UX who have in-depth functional knowledge of what works and what does not. Connect with us to know more.

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Fluid Design

Mobile means lots of different devices and form factors. We’ll discuss how to make your site responsive, clean, and user-friendly on multiple devices and layouts. Our Fluid Design Team at Bangkok can help you create the next best mobile web asset design. Connect with us to know more.

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Responsive Images

Media requirements are different in mobile – network constraints and very high resolution screens set up a conflict that can be challenging. Your mobile web applications and adaptively scaling images based on the environment.

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Optimizing Performance

Users expect a fast, seamless experience on mobile. We’ll go over optimizing various performance metrics to improve that experience, such as Network, CPU, Rendering, and Battery performance. All these components will ultimately define how well your mobile web property impresses your users.

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mobile web touch

Touch input is fundamentally different from mouse input, and requires you to think about your user interactions differently. We’ll go over UX concerns with touch-based interaction, and how to design user interactions that work across devices.

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mobile web input

Using a keyboard on mobile is awful. We’ll discuss ways to improve it, using semantic input for form data, and other user input options on mobile.

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Device Access

Mobile devices have a full array of sensors typically unavailable on desktop. We’ll talk about camera access, geolocation, and other sensors and feedback you have access to on mobile. All these sensors, when combined with your mobile web application, provides great utility to your end-user.

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Offline and Storage

It’s an unfortunate reality that mobile users aren’t always online. We’ll go over using the local cache as well as local storage APIs to give your users a great offline (and partially-online) experience as well.

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