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Custom Made eCommerce Travel Booking Engines

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January 3, 2022

Tailor-made travel booking engines are developed for tourism businesses. Travel businesses leverage the need for customized booking engines and software to enhance online booking. The online customized booking engines help the users with a smooth booking process. The travel booking engines help businesses to sell their traveling services and products online.

Building an e-commerce tailor-made travel booking engine helps businesses to offer the best booking and inquiry solutions in a centralized manner. A custom-made travel booking engine allows you to integrate your preferred features, design, payment gateway, API, security, and development. Customized travel booking engines can deliver the best outcomes as it is aligned with the business objectives.

    • TraveloWeb EMS- Management system for Travel inquiries

TraveloWeb Enquiry Management System is an all-in-one system that controls all the customer inquiries under a single centralized system. Businesses in the travel sector can completely leverage the potential of this product for travel management solutions. The tourism industry can incorporate TraveloWeb EMS for a centralized travel inquiry system. The database framework is completely dynamic with web solutions that are built with PHP programming language to provide customized eCommerce travel booking engines.

Customer bookings and inquiries from various mediums can be generated under this single system. The centralized support system enables businesses to track potential leads and inform the business team from time to time. It can be accessed anytime from anywhere with a proper Internet connection. It offers inbound bookings as well as outbound tour services. This travel inquiry engine includes a robust dashboard that offers key information about all closed, new inquiries, canceled, and pending bookings.

    • TraveloWeb BMS (Booking Management System)

TraveloWeb Booking Management System is a tailor-made travel booking management portal for travel sectors. This is a one-stop solution to manage travel bookings in a centralized manner. It can be customized according to the business requirements.

The customized travel engine is used by travel sectors for better management of traveling activities. With the help of the right development company, a business can build its portal to sell online sightseeing, activities, and tour plans globally. The tailor-made booking management system can check activities, calendars, online payments, and track bookings. The customized travel engine can integrate with payment gateway systems for quick and secured checkout facilities.

    • TraveloWeb CMS (Content Management System)

TraveloWeb Content Management System is a tailor-made travel engine for travel businesses. For customized software solutions, get in touch with the best development services. This travel engine comes with a category software system for centralized website control. Businesses can customize their travel booking engine with PHP or MySQL framework with tailor-made open technology.

    • TraveloWeb BOS ( Back office solution)

TraveloWeb BOS is a tailor-made travel booking engine that helps businesses to manage daily reporting, itinerary, vouchers, and financial accounting. The booking management system allows businesses to manage bookings from arrival till departure. Build your itinerary management software for ready-made personalized itineraries.

    • Process of building customized travel booking engine


    • 1. Strategy making and planning:

The right development company will always inquire about business goals, competition, objectives, and expectations before developing software. This will help the development company to gain insight into the customization requirements. In a customized travel booking engine, businesses can leverage the process of strategy and planning to design an appropriate travel booking engine. The functionalities and features of the software are planned before the development is initiated.

    • 2. The User Interface designing (UI/UX):

Front-end designing is done for a smooth user interface. During the designing stage, leading development experts always use open source technologies for customized templates and the software layout and design. The UI/UX design stands out for how the software is perceived by users. Businesses can design the user flow convenience, user interaction, and interface format in a customized manner. The software is designed just the way a business expects its users to experience.

    • 3. Coding:

The development team focuses on coding by implementing the business objectives, logic, service, and product integration. Businesses can guide the development team regarding customized expectations. The customized software requirements are fulfilled during the coding stage of development.

    • 4. Review and testing:

In the testing stage, all the elements of the travel booking engine are tested in an automated and manual way. The testing stage reviews all the problems that arise while running the travel booking engine.

    • 5. Deployment and launch:

Finally, after review, the travel booking engine is deployed. It involves regular support and maintenance by the development team. When you build a customized travel engine, you always get support and maintenance regarding the functionalities of the booking engine.