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Custom Template Design for Open Source Platforms

Category : e-Business Consultancy
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October 26, 2021

When talking to potential clients about ecommerce web design the topic of open source code often comes up.

These days there are so many different options, from open source eCommerce website platforms to self-hosted eCommerce platforms. With the popularity of hosted platforms, such as Shopify, Magento, WordPress it gets you thinking, “what are the advantages of an open source eCommerce platform?”

  • 1. What is an Open Source Platform?

Open source means you have full access to the code that runs the website. Typically you own the code, or pay a license for using the code, and any modifications to that code can be made by you or your developer. Hosted solutions do not give you access to the code, usually only access to make template and design changes. This can be limiting if you’re looking to build a highly customized or enterprise eCommerce website.

    • 2. Why Custom Design?

When purchasing a shopping cart you’re often going to run into issues with your website looking like 100 other sites (if not thousands). This image is probably not what you’re looking for in a strong brand and will not place your company where you’d like to be. A customized solution will allow you to be creative in the way the website looks and is branded creating a customized shopping experience.

    • Other reasons to choose custom design for open source platforms:

    • 1. When you have to follow branding guidelines:

Every business is unique and has its own branding requirements, when a business approaches a designing agency, it first tries to understand the branding requirements, business, industry, and taste of the client. This helps the agency in designing an ecommerce website that exactly matches the needs of the client. To truly integrate your branding guidelines into your website, you must go for custom design for open source platform as it allows plenty of room for scalability and you can always make changes in your website whenever required.

    • 2. When you have to follow business idea:

Your website must be a reflection of your business idea. Custom design gives tremendous space to get your website designed that integrates your business idea well. Further, you can always add new features and make changes as and when required when your business or business idea expands.

    • 3. Which open source platforms can be customized:

Shopify, Opencart, WordPress, and Magento are some of the most popular open source ecommerce platforms. All these platforms can be customized according to the branding guidelines, business idea and other requirements of the client.

    • 4. Readymade templates allows room for changes if they are less than 50%:

If you are short on budget then readymade platforms can be the best for you. However, they don’t allow you to make many changes later on in your website as you can make changes in the website built using readymade platforms only if they are less than 50%. On the other hand, custom design allows you to make as many changes as required later on. So, whether you want to make small changes or redesign the website entirely, you can always do it if you choose to build a custom website.

    • 5. What is the step to build a custom design website? :

Once the client gives approval to go for custom design, we design the UI of the website as suggested and approved by the client. After the client gives approval to the UI design we develop it.

These are some of the benefits of custom design for open source ecommerce platforms. You should weigh your requirements well and convey them to the designing agency to get an ecommerce website developed according to your requirements.