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Thanakha Product Photoshoot

Category : Branding Samples
Tags : Photoshoot Service in Bangkok , Product Photography
June 9, 2022

MVM Infotech provides indoor and outdoor photoshoot services for digital marketing & web design purpose. Recently we have completed an indoor photoshoot project. Please have a look at some samples.

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About Thanakha

Thanakha is well known in Myanmar as a kind of make-up that is adored and widely used by the Myanmar women Like olive oil which has been used throughout the world for thousands of years as a beauty product, THANAKHA (Tree Bark) has been used in like manner from the time of the ancient kings of Myanmar. It is still in use today in the form of a new and updated natural cosmetic. It is said that in the courts of the Myanmar kings special stewards were appointed specifically for the daily preparation of THANAKHA. Up to this day, it is said that when THANAKHA is applied, children look cute, girls become charming and are more attractive, and elderly people look healthier.