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Top 10 3rd Party Mass Email Solutions to Save your Time

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December 28, 2021

Email marketing is a popular marketing solution for businesses nowadays. Mass mailing solutions have a great impact on business. The 3rd party mass e-mail solutions enable companies to connect with online audiences and potential leads by sending unlimited e-mails instantly. Mass Mailing services reduce cost and time consumption. With well-known mass mail services, you can easily create, send & analyze your e-mails. Every business needs a dedicated 3rd party mass mail solution for unlimited email solutions.

Elastic Email is a well-known mass email solution for customized and automated mass mailing features. It enables you to avoid duplicate e-mail addresses. A digital algorithm helps users to track invalid e-mail addresses.


  • – Extensive Statistics
  • – High scalability with a capacity of 100 million and more e-mails per month
  • – Fix email campaigns and schedule them accordingly with the help of customized settings.
  • – Drag and drop editing option using customized templates
  • – Modify e-mail format and template automatically
  • – Connect visa HTTP and API

SendinBlue is a user-friendly SaaS email automation solution for businesses. It enables a smooth customer relationship management system. This user-friendly tool can be used to design and deliver emails to customers.


  • – Launch Facebook or Google adds
  • – Build a customized business landing page
  • – Automate e-mails
  • – Statistics of e-mails are generated
  • – Easy connect with plug-in

Mass Mail Software is geared towards mass mailing and automated email solutions. It is a popular e-mail application that helps users to send automated and scheduled e-mails. Mass Mail Software is used for management, marketing monitoring, and searching mails.


  • – Easy to use an editing tool
  • – Offers advanced built-in templates.
  • – It is a user-friendly application with easy mail statistics.
  • – Verify any e-mail automatically
  • – Support unlimited list of email addresses

Mail Marketer is a well-known mass mailing application used by businesses. Mass mailing or bulk e-mails are easy with this application. Automate tasks and analyze e-mails automatically. Mail Marketer is a popular mass mailing solution that saves a lot of time, by offering real-time email services.


  • – Mass mailing
  • – Bulk emails automation
  • – Track and analyze unlimited emails
  • – Built-in customized email templates
  • – Automatic spam checker in the email address

SMTPMaster is a user-friendly mass mailing application that helps in bulk email service. It maintains the reputation of the sender with the help of an authorized IP address. Businesses can maintain their authorized e-mail solutions with customized domains.


  • – Easy email report delivery
  • – Bulk email service
  • – Options of unsubscribes
  • – SSL connection offers robust security

SendPulse is a popular mass mailing service application that helps users to send e-mails through API. This is the best tool to enhance e-mail marketing and improve marketing revenue. It comes with an IP address that prevents backlisting.


  • – Users can send free e-mails up to 12000
  • – Spam complaints
  • – Inbox placement
  • – Mails will not be received in a spam
  • – Detailed report of e-mail marketing
  • – Increased ROI

It is a basic mass mailing solution that is suitable for beginners. It offers user-friendly mass mailing solutions which save a lot of time and cost. Prices start at $10 for a monthly plan with basic features. However, you can always upgrade to explore advanced and unlimited services.


  • – Good for beginners
  • – Low-cost monthly plan at just $10
  • – User friendly
  • – Unlimited emails

ConvertKit is a well-recognized bulk email service provider especially for segments like bloggers, authors, teachers, and creative sectors. It is an easy-to-use beginners tool meant for unlimited mass mailing. It comes with a drag and drops smart editing tool. It does not offer customized email templates.


  • – User-friendly tool
  • – Drag and drop editing
  • – Unlimited emails
  • – Reasonable pricing plans

Well known for an affordable mass mailing solution, MailerLite is good for small businesses. If the contact list has less than 100 contacts, MailerLite offers free 12,000 emails monthly. Users can explore various unlimited mass mailing plans.

MailerLite offers free trials and its upgraded plans are available starting at $ 15 for more than 25000 email contacts.

  • – Software is very user-friendly
  • – User-friendly interface
  • – Affordable
  • – Good features
  • – Free emails up to 12,000 per month
  • – Unlimited mass mailing

ActiveCampaign is undoubtedly one of the best mass mailing applications. It has more than 130000 active clients. Mass mailing is easy with ActiveCampaign. It is a one-stop mass mailing solution for businesses with focused CRM and email marketing campaigns. The best thing about this tool is, you can customize your plan pricing based on contacts and user account. Upgrade your plan to enjoy features like A/B testing and machine learning.

  • – Unlimited mass mailing
  • – A/B Testing
  • – Machine Learning
  • – Focused CRM and marketing campaign
  • – Customized pricing plans


The above-mentioned mass mailing solutions are effective, affordable, and time-saving for businesses.