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UI/UX Design for mCommerce Mobile App

Category : e-Business Consultancy
Tags : App Development , App Prototype
October 20, 2021

The rule number one in commerce hasn’t changed throughout history: If you want to sell something, it should be easy for your target audience to buy! You need to optimize the entire customer journey from awareness to pricing and needed actions of purchase.

Regardless of where you sell, when you sell and who the audience is. The same dynamics work in behind in traditional commerce and eCommerce.  The UI design is so much related to that rule. The ultimate purpose of a good UI design is to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible. Every item in front of the user should play a role in driving him to the actual goal.

From that perspective, the interfaces and appealing designs are one of the most significant parts of the entire user experience in eCommerce. And they can dramatically impact the sales which are vital for any commerce business and sales channel.

Therefore, great attention should be paid to the whole user interface and the customer journey for sales in the given online sales environment. Be it a web site or a mobile app, no matter which device it is. But in the context of this blog post, we will focus on mCommerce apps.

    • Step by Step Guide to Mobile Ecommerce UI/UX Design

Designing UI/UX of mobile eCommerce app requires a strategic approach to be followed in order to be efficient and attractive. Let’s have a look at the UI/UX designing process of a mobile eCommerce app:

  • 1. Understanding Client’s Business:

When a client approaches a mCommerce mobile app development company, the first thing the company asks is about the requirements of the client. The client is usually asked about his business, industry, target audience, branding requirements, competitors, required functionality and any other specific needs. This helps mCommerce Development Company integrating all the desired features into the app.

    • 2. Understanding Client’s Branding Guidelines:

Understanding client’s guidelines is important to design an attractive user interface as per the client’s requirements. The development firm tries to understand the branding requirements and focus on the information provided to design user interface that caters to the client’s requirements, taste and business.

    • 3. Options for UI and UX Design :

After analyzing the requirements and guidelines of the client, the development company gives two or three home page UI design options to the client based on the necessities and business of the client. This helps client choose the best one according to his requirements. Once the client approves the design, the development firm designs the home page.

    • 4. UI Design for Next Pages:

Once the home page is designed and finalized by the client, the development company moves on to designing the UI of other pages.

    • 5. Everyday Updates:

Designing company provides the everyday design updates to the client to keep him updated with the daily progress. Further, it also helps in making any amendments in the design if the client doesn’t like it.

These are some of the steps that the app development company usually follows while designing the UI/UX. Clients must convey their requirements clearly to the development firm to get the best UI designed for their mCommerce app.