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When & Why Do you Need Custom e-commerce Development?

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September 28, 2021

If you’re planning to create an eCommerce site soon, it is important to think about a lot of aspects and decide on the best one. The first thing to decide is whether or not you prefer a standard or custom eCommerce website application for your business. Today, people are obsessed with uniqueness and are always looking for something distinctive that is different from other businesses.

A customized web application is what makes them unique in eCommerce web development. Today, with the increasing popularity of eCommerce websites, these platforms are devoted to the development of custom-designed web applications and websites. Custom eCommerce solutions offer more control, flexibility, and scalability contrasted to standard eCommerce solutions. Custom eCommerce web and app development also streamline the process so your businesses can have all the relevant features for a successful business running and run efficiently without any errors.

  • Process of Building an E-Commerce Website

When a client approach an eCommerce web development company for getting an eCommerce website built for his business, the company usually inquires about the business type, related industry, and products and services the client is selling. This gives the web development company a chance to understand the client’s requirements and business and suggest the best eCommerce solution to the client. After analyzing the specifications and requirements of clients, the web development starts the eCommerce development process, which usually follows the given process-

    • 1. Front-End Prototype (UI/UX Design):

Front-end prototyping is the making of a simulation of the final design. It’s a sample of how the final product will look and feel. This step includes all image prototype, conversion into HTML, look and feel, UI, UX etc.  This step includes no coding work.

    • 2. Backend Prototype:

Backend prototype deals with the design of business process and flow. It includes designing of all backend modules in HTML, look and feel, reports and results. It gives an idea about how admin will manage the site content, customer data, product data, order data, report etc. This step also doesn’t involve any coding.

    • 3. Development:

In the development step, all the development process takes place. In this step, coding is done, APIs and payment gateways are integrated.

    • 4. Testing and Delivery

Once the designing and development process is over, the testing team checks all the elements of the eCommerce website manually and also using automated tools to ensure the website runs smoothly. After the testing process is over, the website is delivered to the client.

  • Benefits of Custom Ecommerce Website for Businesses

There are several benefits of building a customized eCommerce website for your business:

    • 1. Tailored web application as per your business needs:

A trustworthy eCommerce Web Development Company can build a perfect web app as per your business needs and logic. This will serve your business’s purpose and meet your company’s requirements. This means that your eCommerce business website will be build based on your business logic and ideas according to the industry you deal in.

    • 2. Highly Scalable:

Customized applications evolve as your business expands. This means that you don’t need to change to higher-priced software or make additional licensing purchases. With the custom eCommerce solutions you can add any feature you require now or in the future without affecting the app.

If you decide to use a customized eCommerce platform to create your website, you won’t need to make an additional license purchase. So, creating a customized application for your eCommerce business is an extremely scalable choice.

    • 3. Third-Party API integration:

The requirement for third-party API integration into the eCommerce system you use is an important factor that will require you to choose an eCommerce site that is custom designed for your business. APIs are becoming increasingly an essential element in the success of an online business.

APIs allow eCommerce stores to gain a deep understanding of their customers, allowing them to provide products specifically specific to their requirements exactly at the right moment. This is possible due to the information an API can provide.

APIs can help you customize your website’s content to be customized to meet the requirements of customers and users and make the business more synchronized. Customized eCommerce solution lets you integrate third-party APIs that can be used to take advantage of the many possibilities.

    • 4. Integration of Payment Gateways:

The integration of a payment gateway can be considered as a POS machine that you can find in any physical store that accepts credit card transactions. In the same way, you must incorporate a payment gateway into your eCommerce site to accept payments from customers purchases. These payment gateways are an indispensable part of all eCommerce websites.

A payment gateway is required to capture transactions between you and your buyers. So, if you are looking to start an eCommerce website, you need to integrate a payment gateway for online payment processing. This is the only way to accept payment through the Internet. A custom eCommerce website allows you to integrate your preferred payment gateway provider easily.

    • 5. Robust Security

If your site comes under a cyber-attack and is unable to cope with it, it can turn out to be very damaging for your business. Once you customize your site, designers and developers will ensure that you have layers of foolproof security which will be periodically reviewed by them and updated if required.

    • Final Thoughts:

These are some of the benefits of building a customized eCommerce website for your business. You just need to communicate your requirements properly to get the best and professional looking eCommerce website built for your business.