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Why is AWS Server Maintenance Management important?

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January 3, 2022

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular cloud computing technology that offers servers, network, storage, and mobile development services. It is a recommended server for running application services successfully to deliver an amazing customer experience. It is vital to manage and maintain AWS for the best results.

Server management and maintenance are important to detect issues and keep them updated with the latest technologies and trends. AWS server should be updated with the latest features and security issues that are relevant to the business.

    • Server management essentials:

  • – All the log files of the server are checked
  • – Folder access and permission is examined
  • – Monitoring of applications and networks
  • – Checking adequate security features and redundancy
  • – Checking space in hard disk
  • – Software security check
  • – Upgrading the antivirus
  • – Automated software updates
  • – Comprehensive backups
  • – Data recovery during system failure.

    • How can a server management provider help in AWS server management and maintenance?

Leading server maintenance providers will manage and maintain the AWS server for your business. When you hire the best service providers, the AWS server is automatically updated with the latest features, security issues, and technologies. Here’s how the AWS server is managed and maintained by a leading service provider:


    • 1. Verification of the backups:

The right maintenance service provider will check and verify the backup in the server database. It is vital to choose the right service provider as they are aware of the entire backup verification process.

Before making any updates or changes to the AWS server, firstly, all the backup of the database and storage will be taken. If backups are not working accurately, any update to the server will result in loss of data and information. This is the perk of hiring professional service providers to get the right back-up before any updates are installed.

    • 2. Storage utilization and usage of hard disk:

When a business hires the best server maintenance services, the storage utilization and hard disk usage are checked accurately. It is important to do interval checks as AWS generates a lot of old emails and outdated log files.

Businesses must hire service providers to clean the storage and hard disk by archiving all the old emails and outdated software to external storage. Fortunately, good service providers offer some built-in package for cleanup protocols. If you end up utilizing the storage of the hard disk by more than 90%, it will be difficult to swap files. Before your AWS server stops working, get in touch with a leading service provider.

    • 3. Control the RAID alarms:

The RAID status is controlled and monitored. AWS server utilizes the power of RAID. A single failure in a disk can cause an entire server failure. Professional services monitor RAID on priority basis.

    • 4. Upgrade your operating system:

What is your operating system? Is it Linux? If yes, your AWS server needs to be maintained regularly because an OS like Linux needs frequent updates. To overcome such an issue, get in touch with professional services for regular automated patch management services. The expert team alerts you regarding the updates timely. If you try to update your server manually, there are high chances that you miss out on important security alerts.

    • 5. Update the control panels:

For successful AWS management and maintenance, control panels are updated periodically by leading service providers. Along with the control panel, the applications like Apache and PHP are also updated to sync the functioning.

    • 6. Check system security:

It is important to hire professional services to maintain AWS security at regular intervals to evade hacks. Therefore, hiring the best services will help you with an updated security system to evade chances of hacks and cyber attacks. It is important to maintain a full-proof security system.

    • 7. Application updates:

AWS server controls and develops application services and applications. It is important to hire services for automatic updates on CMS, WordPress, or any open-source platforms or programs.

    • 8. Check the remote management tools:

It is vital to maintain AWS remote server periodically. For AWS management, service providers regularly reboot, console, and rescue the servers.

    • 9. Server utilization is checked:

Professional maintenance services will always check the server utilization. Review the AWS server’s RAM, disk, and CPU.

    • 10. Identify the errors in the hardware system:

AWS management and maintenance need identification of hardware errors in priority. It is a very common thing, but the damage can be huge. Therefore, service providers often run a check on the disk read or any check for any network failure.

    • 11. Change password:

According to leading maintenance service providers, passwords should be changed every 6 months. After maintenance is done, you need to change your password immediately.