Do Not Underestimate The Importance Of The Brainstorming Step

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People underestimate the importance of the brainstorming step when starting a website. It's important to create a site that satisfies the demand for your niche.

web plaining Brainstorming

Brainstorming makes the generation of new ideas easy and is a tried-and-tested process. Exactly what you apply brainstorming techniques to depends on what you want to achieve. You can apply them to develop new products and services

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web plaining set
Set Goals

Setting goals for your website will allow you to be efficient in your website build. It will also allow you to come back periodically after the site is live and determine your return-on-investment. If you don’t set goals, how will you know if your website is successful?

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web plaining target
Target Audience

Do you want to reach remote and international customers, broaden your market or audience, or better serve your current customers? You must ask these questions during plan.

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web plaining create
Create Sitemap

Before we could estimate how many hours it would take to develop the website, we needed to know what the website might include. Decide what pages you’ll be using and what features will be on each one.

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web plaining concept
Concept Design

In order to create an effective website, you will need a concept or concepts to provide your website with a professional and aesthetic look and feel, as well as a design continuity that we can use throughout the entire website.

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web plaining content
Content Strategy

Where will the content for this website project come from? Does it exist, or will it have to be written? How much of the content will need to be regularly updated? Who will perform content updates?

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web plaining servers
Servers and Security

There are various types of Web hosting but the most important ones are free hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting. The right partner can relieve you and your IT team from the time-consuming chores and challenges of web hosting. Every hour of every day, a hosting provider’s focus is solely on hosting, so yours doesn’t have to be.

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web plaining maintenance

You should also have a plan for maintaining the website, such as who is responsible for posting new content or monitoring site security. And of course, get feedback from your users. Feedback is a valuable tool for improvement.

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web plaining marketing

Businesses are very careful when it comes to spending marketing dollars, but truth is most businesses have neglected the most effective marketing tool that they have which is the strategic planning of their internet presence. Web marketing strategy can reach your target and niche market as well as increase conversion.

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web plaining budget
Budget and Timeline

After analyzing everything we share the estimate budget and timeline. Whether you’re an established, mid-sized organization or a fledgling start-up, you should always set a budget for your website expenses. This will probably include funds for web design, programming, web hosting, marketing and maintenance.

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